Welcome to the Blog section of the EntrePartner Law Firm website! You’ve probably already seen the awesomeness that is our homepage, but in case you need an(other) introduction:

We’re the folks you call when you need a wingman who’s survived law school. As a small business ourselves (and everyone also has a side-hustle, too!), we understand what it is to be entrepreneurs. We want to partner with you (see what we did there, with the firm’s name?) to Create, Grow, and Protect your small business.

Maybe you’re just starting that side-hustle which will eventually buy your workplace freedom, or perhaps you’ve been grinding it out for years and are ready to launch your enterprise to next-level success. Maybe your business grew so fast you didn’t have time to off some loose ends that increase your risk profile. Or maybe you’ve been working for “The Wo/Man” for far too long and are ready to step into The Wo/Man’s shoes yourself. In any case, we’ll be right there to help you make smart strategic decisions and spot juicy business opportunities, and to play hardball in our fancy lawyer suits when necessary.

So, why should we even offer this content, if you’re the type who already is drinking the legal services Kool-Aid?

We want you to have the tools to answer some basic legal questions. Most areas of law aren’t the complex maze you see in film and TV. In fact, most questions you’ll want to ask us at first are probably fairly straightforward, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have those answers at your fingertips even when we’re gone from the office for the night. We want to level the field ahead of time, so we can really talk tofurkey while the billing clock is ticking.

We want you to know when the law is changing, and how it might impact your business. You shouldn’t have to shoulder the responsibility for keeping up with all the trending legal issues of today. We, on the other hand, eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff – honestly, we really do enjoy it! So, we’ll keep our ear to the ground and guide you through with prompt, direct next steps to take.

We also want to spark some conversation. At first, we’ll aim to cover topics about structuring small businesses, creating and running a franchise, protecting trademark rights, and what to do if you’re buying or selling a business. But, we also want to hear what YOU want to discuss. Maybe you don’t understand how a particular legal rule or process works. Or, maybe you DO understand it and just think it’s a bad rule in need of changing. Feel free to disagree with us, we don’t mind! (Plus, any lawyer worth listening to shouldn’t mind a vigorous debate.)

Full disclosure, we also get a benefit out of writing this blog – we become better lawyers. Even Lebron wouldn’t walk out on the court, without practicing all summer, expecting to dominate. Same goes for your legal partners: a law firm will only ever be as good as its understanding of the law at that time. They don’t call it the “practice” of law for nothing. When we can provide solid advice and avoid costly research (because we’ve already done the work to write the blog), the savings are passed on directly to our clients. It’s a classic win-win.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Let us know how you will use your new knowledge, or if there’s something we didn’t talk about that could have a potentially huge impact on the way you do your thing. Leave a Comment below, reach out directly to us, or share the post on your favorite social media. Here’s to the start of a beautiful EntrePartner-ship!