Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development

EntrePartner’s real estate development practice offers clients the unique perspective of lawyers who have been on the inside of $100+ million in development deals. We don’t just draft and review documents and then send you off to make the business decision alone. We help create solutions and connect industry players, so that every project has the best chance to be wildly successful.

Unlike many of our legal colleagues, our arsenal of tools to approach development projects is also built on personal experience. Rather than leveraging a huge team of big firm lawyers to crank out research memos on every little possibility, we provide value as industry veterans who can quickly identify the real risks and opportunities of a particular project.

Of course, we are also experienced in traditional transactional real estate matters: preparation and negotiation of purchase agreements, loan documents, and development agreements; identification of environmental risks and remediation; lease preparation and negotiation; structuring of joint ventures between landowners and developers; identifying and securing non-traditional funding sources; and more.

Our lawyers have experience putting together the business case for development of particular parcels. In particular, we build, analyze, and critique pro formas, consider appropriate unit mixes for multifamily buildings, offer advice on which flag to fly for new and restored hotel properties, handle licensing and regulatory matters, and are intimately aware of the gravity of signing eight-figure personal guaranties.

In addition to working on hundreds of millions of dollars in projects for our clients, members of our team have partnered in development companies that have put more than $75 million in assets under construction in the past few years alone.

These are some broad descriptions of how we help developers and landowners:

  • Offering traditional transactional advice.
  • Structuring land acquisitions to best protect a developer during the entitlements phase.
  • Guiding and critiquing concept development.
  • Working with lenders and equity partners to secure project financing.
  • Securing municipal approvals and participation, including for tax increment financing, grants, and permitting issues.
  • Negotiating environmental indemnities.
  • Preparing construction contracts and financing documentation.
  • Arranging cash-out refinancing transactions, and more.