Franchise & Brand Development

Franchise & Brand Development

EntrePartner is a full-service franchise law firm, providing franchise counsel for entrepreneurs licensing their concepts to the world. Our team of former in-house lawyers serve as general counsel to franchisors in every phase, including establishing a franchise system, expanding from local to national and international markets, and implementing a corresponding compliance program.

We help clients transition from small, family-owned business to multi-income, recurring revenue stream powerhouses. The process has many facets, including business structure, ownership transition dynamics, corporate restructuring, IP registration and licensing, and regulatory approval. Having represented numerous franchisors across various industries, our lawyers have a wide range of experience to draw from to solve both legal and business issues. Due to our focus on these same issues for many of our non-franchise clients, we are familiar with industry norms and how to find creative solutions.

In such a highly regulated area, hiring experienced counsel is crucial to an emerging franchisor’s success. Yearly registrations, renewals and other filings require attention to detail and skilled project management. Fingertips knowledge of regulations eliminates time-consuming and unnecessarily duplicative research. Even the daily business of coordinating general business legal projects can add up in a hurry. (It’s for that reason than many franchise clients prefer our subscription pricing model.)

In addition to franchisors, we represent individual franchisees and area developers in their startup and ongoing business activities. EntrePartner’s lawyers provide the same focused, practical advice to franchisees as in all aspects of our business.

Here are some examples of the work we do for franchise clients:

  • Draft, review, and critique existing franchise disclosure documents and related agreements.
  • Complete initial regulatory registrations and annual renewals on both a regional and national basis.
  • Review and negotiate franchise agreements between franchisors and potential franchisees.
  • Establish franchise compliance programs for franchisors seeking to ensure consistency.
  • Consult on policies and procedures.
  • Assist in developing new lines of business and income streams.
  • Advise on franchise relationship issues and threatened litigation, and if appropriate, represent the client’s interests in court.