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Our team members know how to toast the success of a client (visit our office and check out the tap lines, if you’re skeptical!). But we also know just how much work goes in to a brewery, distillery, or cidery business before it’s even possible to raise a glass. We help make certain that clients have all the pieces in place to succeed in bringing their awesome adult beverages to market.

These are projects where a lawyer can assist beverage clients:


The firm has represented restaurant businesses in various legal matters since shortly after its inception. We love restaurant owners and operators for the joy they bring their customers, and the way they enhance their communities. Our team members have even taken the leap as investor-owners in some of our most trusted clients’ concepts!

In our work with restaurant clients we have taken startup and family-owned businesses from closely-held, local fan-favorite to regional powerhouse. We have assisted owners who are expanding from one to multiple locations simultaneously. We have negotiated with stubborn landlords, disgruntled customers, and franchise regulators. When you need an EntrePartner, we are there in the trenches, advising from the perspective of current and former industry insiders rather than from a sanitized legal distance. (Many restaurant clients also choose to use us as a sounding board for all kinds of legal and business issues, outsourcing their in-house legal needs on a subscription basis.)

We deal with licensing, franchise development, employee matters, trademark protection, succession planning, distribution agreements, and so many more. Each solution is as unique as your restaurant, and we encourage you to pick our brains about how your particular problem can be solved.


For our clients looking to own, operate, or owner-operate hotels, we offer the same range of general counsel services as we offer to any business, with a focus on the particular nuances that come with unpredictable market dynamics and real estate operations. Our team members come to the hotel industry with the insider’s perspective of partners in emerging real estate development companies. We understand the carefully negotiated dynamics of owners and operators, and how to work with national and international hotel brands to create opportunities for expansive success.

For hotel clients, we offer a variety of services, which can include: negotiations of licensing and franchise agreements, assistance in real estate development issues, partnership structuring, financing and exit strategies, licensing and other regulatory matters, and more.